How to digitally acquire new customers in times of social distancing?

Some people may think they can survive the crises without hunting for new business and acquiring new customers. The question is how long you can survive without additional prey.

We believe you should make sure that your sales pipeline doesn’t run dry by fully utilizing digital customer acquisition.

The challenge

Our support

If you ask your sales people what their most challenging task is, many of them will for sure answer cold calling.

Even in the pre-Corona days, new customer acquisition was the top discipline in sales. And in times of social distancing, customer acquisition is becoming harder than ever before!

As customers nowadays walk through more than 60% of the buying process online and on their own before they see a sales rep, you have to be well connected and do what you can to get to the top of your prospect’s mind, before you have the chance of a first meeting, which will also be online in many cases.

You have to be clear on your value arguments. And you have to be ready to convey your UVP and selling arguments on the spot. 

We support your sales team in building and developing their digital competencies for online customer acquisition.

We help you finding the answers to the most relevant questions:

o How to get technically ready?

o How to digitally identify and classify potential customers?

o How to reach your target group? Which media and which channels do they use?

o How to address potential customers?

o What role do social media play in today’s customer journeys? Which media to use to connect with leads and turn them into business?

o How to prepare and organize the first online meeting?

o How to put your product, your concepts and your services on the stage?

o How to get your UVP across?

o How to build trust online?

o How to close a deal?

o How to provide digital after sales services?

It’s all about facilitating and enriching your sales expertise with digital competence!
Rely on our experience in Sales and Digital.

How we make it work

In highly interactive and customized workshops we help you to design and implement your digital customer acquisition.

A small investment into your future sales. 

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