Double loop sales enablement

Invest where you can make or lose business and profits

Investing in your sales force means investing into future profits.

This is what you will need after the COVID-19 crisis. Your people should know how to generate insights, challenge their customers, develop selling strategies, discover selling opportunities, prepare and successfully lead customer interactions and negotiations.

They should also get ready and prepared for more online sales pitches, digital customer interactions and remote selling. Because digital selling will in many areas become the next normal of selling.

With our digital and face-to-face training and coaching deep dives, we support your sales teams on their way from insights and strategy to sales opportunities and closing the deal.

Based on sound alignment with all internal departments involved in value creation, we boost the skill level of your sales force. With live face to face trainings and customized Digital and Hybrid Sales Academies.

What Double Loop Sales Enablement is all about

Unfortunately many industrial companies still see expenses for sales enablement and training as costs instead of valuing them as investments into future profits.

As your sales force is your choke point on your way from marketing concepts and pricing ideas to business and profits, this leads to missing sales opportunities and profits at the point of sale.

We support your sales force in making it, instead of breaking it.

We train and coach them in:

– Developing sound customer strategies,

– Spotting growth potential,

– Preparing and leading negotiations,

– Digital / Remote Selling,

– Negotiation psychology,

– Applying the MBTI in negotiations,

– Appreciating their personality and understanding how to use it successfully,

– Value Selling,

– Commodity Selling,

– Selling solutions and

– Successfully dealing with purchasers, even in tough negotiations.

Always business specific. Online and offline. And well aligned with your value creators in your internal departments.

And we create and manage your Digital or Hybrid Sales Academy, so that your sales people can learn independent from time and location. Including technical training, negotiation training, quizzes, games and much more.

This is what we call Double Loop Sales Enablement.

Our Double Loop Sales Enablement makes sure, that your sales force is well equipped and well aligned for winning profitable deals and capturing value.

Classroom trainings and F2F coaching

Our classroom training with practical content, highly interactive sessions and negotiation role plays, provide a vivid, exciting and intense training experience and raise the skill level of your sales force. Furthermore they support the networking and cross-functional alignment of the participants.

Classroom trainings provide a controlled learning setting. And a lot of fun and engagement.

Our experienced trainers and coaches can directly answer upcoming questions and concerns. And they encourage and facilitate the exchange of experiences between all participants.

However, classroom trainings involve a lot of effort, time and expenses, if you have to meet physically with many people from different regions and countries.

This is why we usually recommend a blended learning approach, combining the benefits of both worlds:

– F2F training and coaching should be applied to selected topics and as a starting point of a sales development program, when you have to build trust and / or deal with topics, which require a high level of interaction.

– Remote and highly interactive sales training sessions

– Digital and remote sales coaching

– Digital self learning modules for teaching and deepening sales skills and competencies.

Your Hybrid Sales Academy then combines all F2F and remote training and coaching with all additional elements of our customized Digital Sales Academies.

Digital Sales Academy

Your Digital or Hybrid Sales Academy is the home for all your sales development topics and all content. Your sales reps can learn on demand and independent from time and location on any device.

They find everything they need to prepare for their customer interactions and other sales tasks online, whenever and wherever they need it: from technical product presentations to negotiation tips and training sessions, value selling tools and manuals, MBTI types and applications or internal announcements.

Based on desired competencies and pre-defined learning tracks your sales force will learn in self-guided, interactive digital training sessions. By passing quizzes and exams, they can earn credits and rewards and move to the next competency level. Customized and automated reports will help to monitor your salespeople’s engagement and their learning progress.

In addition, the Digital Sales Academy simplifies the onboarding of new sales staff and makes it more efficient, as your sales reps don’t need to wait for the next F2F classroom training to learn for their job.

Remote & Hybrid Selling

Digital is changing the way cusomers are exploring and deciding on sources of supply. They are happy to do big parts of their decision making process online wihtout seeing a supplier.

COVID-19 forced them and you into online meetings and negotiations. Now buyers are starting to prefer this new digital reality: According to a recent McKinsey study, 70-80% of B2B decision makers prefer remote human interactions or digital self-service.

With our remote selling and hybrid selling training we help your sales force to prepare for this change.

We train your sales force in topics like redesigning and digitalizing your customer portfolio, appreciating the challenges and benefits of remote customer interactions, meeting technology, appreciating the purchasers’ needs and perspective on remote interactions, preparing for online meetings, online presentation excellence, creating trust remotely, managing conflicts in remote interactions, online Value Selling, online collaboration tools, Social Selling and many more.

And we help you to redesign and digitalize your customer journeys including all their online and offline touchpoints from exploring potential sources of supply to buying, sourcing and rebuying. This hybrid customer journey design will change the interplay between Marketing and Sales and will put more emphasis on customer centricity in your entire organization.

Online training and digital coaching

Besides our digital learning platform and our face-to-face training and coaching, we offer stand-alone and highly interactive online courses for selected sales development topics and online coaching sessions for your sales reps and managers.

The online training and coaching can deal with all topics mentioned above and will be especially designed to match with the given restrictions of online training, in terms of time and realistic levels of engagement and interactivity.

Using online training and coaching will increase the efficiency of your sales development and will allow a higher frequency of training sessions. And it will make cross-regional sales development much easier.

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