A selection of our customers …

and what they say about us …

This is what our customers say about us …

“It boosted our performance.”

“Double Loop Key Account Management helped a lot to enhance our key account strategies and the customer centricity of our internal organization. It really boosted our performance on all KAM success factors and led to a double digit increase of our net sales and profits.

I particularly liked the negotiation training where the content was tailored to our specific needs, adapting practice cases to our reality, based on scenarios at our customers. In addition, the training includes how to address and match different personality types the customers’ negotiators have, which was supported by the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI®). As a result, we could improve our preparation and execution of our negotiations, leading to significant price increases as well as new business being captured.”

Global Head of Key Account, Distributor Management & Sales Excellence

Global leader in the pharma & biotech and specialty ingredient markets

“It works.”

“Practical, implementation-focused, and operational experience”

Member of the Board

Global chemical company in the food & beverage ingredients business

“Creative, dynamic and realistic”

“A real constant among all these consultants: Extremely reliable, dynamic, creative, and above all realistic and with high performance over all the years.”

Global Head of Pricing and Strategic Product Management

Global chemical company in the nutrition business

“Sound and valuable solutions, due to focus on people.”

“Due to the highly people-focused approach, many barriers have been removed from the very beginning. This laid the foundation for our successful implementation. The solutions are geared to our specific environment and not to the mainstream. This lead to sound and valuable solutions.” 


Global chemical automotive supplier

“Enthusiasm. Humor. Professionalism.”

„What I liked: Enthusiasm combined with constructive criticism. And that there are always options. Plus the combination of humor & professionalism.”

Director International Sales

Medium-sized chemical company in the car care and maintenance business

“Individual. Practical.”

“Their work is very individual and practical.”

Global Product Manager

One of the world’s leading chemical companies

“Implementation. Passion. Experience.”

“Management of projects to the point of implementation. Diverse team, that supports customers with passion. Rich  treasure  trove  of  experience in the chemical industry. But also in other areas.”

Vice President

Word leading chemical company

“Holistic and responding to our people.”

“What I like most in their holistic approach to our business is how they respond to people in our company and how that is integrated in the project.”  

Director Sales

Mid-sized company in the heating / sanitary engineering / air conditioning industry

Project Examples

Here is a small compilation of a few project examples …


for a US-based global leader in halogen-free fire retardant additives and thermal management solutionss

When COVID disrupted their global sales training & development program, they didn’t want to stop their efforts of creating a world class Sales and Marketing organization.

Based on their experience with Double Loop classroom sales trainings, they therefore decided to engage us to create a Digital Sales and Marketing Academy to revise and improve selling skills, completely independent from time and location.


The Digital Sales & Marketing Platform was developed and went live in October 2021.

Since then, every quarter a new set of interactive digital training courses is added like Basic Negotiation Skills (incl. Active Listening, Asking Questions, BATNA, Harvard Concept Principles, and Closing the Deal), Pricing & Profit, The Purchasers’ Perspective, Value Selling, Preparing Negotiations, Remote & Hybrid Selling, Negotiation Psychology, and Succeeding in Tough Negotiations.

The digital academy contains features like a browser-based learning portal, interactions, videos, tests and quizzes, mobile learning for iOS and Android, micro learning, gamification, certificates and rewards, and a success reporting with content reports, people reports and quiz reports.

Different skill levels have been defined, so that salespeople can qualify from a probational firefighter to a fire chief within 2 years.

The digital courses are very well appreciated by the sales leaders and the sales teams in all regions: 80% of the sales team enjoy the courses and the value provided, as confirmed by a quote from the feedback from one participant:

“The courses are so captivating that you would like to run one after the other …. ” 

Sales Development

for a US-based global leader in developing and manufacturing specialty engineered fire retardant materials

Create a world class sales organization which puts its customers at the heart and which can sell the unique value the company brings to the table at the right price (Value Selling).

At the same time enforce internal collaboration between all functions to support Sales, stay ahead of competition and to meet future demand. 



Entire organization geared towards value, significantly enhanced Value Selling capabilities, better collaboration between Technology and Sales, higher profitability


for one of the world’s leading specialty chemicals companies

Convince Sales of new ways of selling and change from a commodity sales approach to Value Selling after the carve-out of the commodity parts of the portfolio



Full engagement of Sales across all regions to adapt to Value Selling, differentiation of Value Selling techniques in accordance with level of commoditization and implementation of Value Cards for cross-functional development of value propositions and value argumentation for specialty product applications


for a midsized European supplier of high quality feed additives

Unlock growth potential through value centered marketing excellence


Customer classification and service rules implemented, value argumentations and value propositions defined, product launch process accelerated, pricing potentials identified and distribution strategy revised for core countries


for one of the largest technology suppliers for the food processing industry

Creating and piloting a Value Pricing methodology, Value Pricing tools, processes and guidelines and enabling an internal team to transfer the learnings to additional businesses


Proof of concept for Value Pricing as a cross-functional solution to overcome market related challenges.

Qualification and change of mindset in the entire project team from scepticism to full engagement to roll out Value Pricing to other businesses.

Spirit of cross-functional collaboration established.



for the specialty chemicals business of a global leader in the life science industry

Improving and further establishing Global Key Account Management with well-defined KAM roles and full support of the internal organization


KAMs engagement, passion and truly global ownership of KAMs

Broad and great acceptance of Double Loop process and Account Plan Challenge

Improved customer orientation of internal functions

Significant improvement of account plan quality and increasing qualification of KAMs

Growth potentials quantified and traceable action plans defined

Double digit sales revenue and gross profit growth with global key accounts

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