Our Double Loop Services

Our Double Loop coaching, training and consultancy services support your value creation, value communication, value selling and value capture. All based on Marketing & Sales and pricing excellence and psychology.

Double Loop Key Account Management

Our Double Loop Key Account Management helps you to master typical KAM challenges, such as silo thinking, poor internal collaboration, lack of innovation and strategic direction, too little customer centricity and insufficient support from internal functions.

By systematically aligning the value creators in the “engine room” of your organization with your key account management team and based on sound and strategic key account plans, you will improve value creation, value communication, value selling and value capture with your most important accounts. Online and offline.


Double Loop Value Selling

Our Double Loop Value Selling makes sure that you sell value and capture it through your pricing and sales volumes.

Based on powerful and new ways of collaborating internally, and thanks to our specific value selling methods and tools, you will boost your value selling for your commodity, specialty and customer solution businesses.

This will help you to ‘sell your price’ instead of ‘selling by price’ and to optimize your profits.

Double Loop Pricing

By supporting you with pricing methods, pricing tools, customized ERP or BI tool based pricing dashboards, pricing consultancy and online and offline pricing coaching and training, we make sure that you capture value and increase your profitability.

From a broad range of powerful pricing methods, tools and engines, you can select those that best meet the specific needs of your business. We help you adapting them to your requirements, to get them implemented and to sustainably increase the pricing capabilities of your organization. For commodities as well as for specialties.

Based on a value focused alignment between all functions involved in value creation and value selling, you will achieve sustainable pricing and profit improvements.

Double Loop Sales Enablement

We support, train and coach your sales force, online and offline, in value related sales topics: from strategy and account planning to preparing negotiations and negotiation psychology. And we create and implement your customized Digital or Hybrid Sales Academy, where people can learn anywhere anytime.

This helps your sales force to make profitable deals instead of missing growth and profit opportunities.

Our sales enablement is always business specific, very practical and fun. And well aligned with your value creators in your internal departments. 

Double Loop Sales Hunting

With our tailor-made hunting programs and tools, we support your topline growth.

We revitalize the hunting spirit and hunting skills of your sales force, to make sure that they take something home from their prey.

Our hunting programs comprise methods and tools, as well as dedicated sales trainings, that support your sales force hunting for growth opportunities at existing accounts, spotting cross-selling and pricing potentials, and identifying business opportunities with new and lost accounts.

Double Loop Marketing Excellence

Our Double Loop Marketing Excellence support is your anti-silo management program for rethinking, creating and communicating customer value that works in practice and capitalizes on the opportunities of digitalization.

We train, coach and mentor your Marketing team to develop and perfectly align workable strategies, business models, segmentations, competitive advantages, unique value propositions and market communications to create maximum value for the customer.

Based on your customers’ needs, their willingness to pay and fully aligned with all value creators in your company.

Double Loop Cultural Diagnostics

With our cultural diagnostics, we make sure that your strategy, your go-to-market models and your digitalization processes work for you, as we make them fit to your culture and business.

Based on psychological and adaptive in-depth interviews, we understand, manage and optimize the secret driving force for your successes and failures: your business culture.

Double Loop Organizational Change

Our Double Loop Organizational Change & Leadership programs help you to overcome challenges when implementing new strategies, acquisitions, new business models, new tools, methods and processes or when shaping your digital future and developing a digital culture.

With an in-depth focus on collaboration across both loops and your internal interfaces.

There is more to discover …

We can support your value creation, value communication, value selling and value capture in many more ways than described here.

Just get in touch with us if you have any specific needs or interests.

Double Loop dudes

What makes us unique

There is more than our maybe peculiar name, which sets us apart from thousands of marketing & sales experts, trainers and consultants:

With more than 20 years of B2B Marketing & Sales experience

Our concentration on Marketing and Sales in B2B manufacturing businesses, with a special and strong focus on the chemical industry, has provided us with an in-depth understanding of industry specific B2B Marketing & Sales challenges and solutions for commodity as well as for specialty businesses. From big enterprises and market leaders to medium sized businesses and hidden champions. Benefit from the extensive experience we and other industry players already have.

We make things work by thinking and acting Double Loop

We are implementation minded and eager to make things work. In many cases silo thinking and a lack of customer centricity lead to a low effectiveness and efficiency in Marketing & Sales. Our unique but simple Double Loop concept for value creation and value capture helps you to overcome silo thinking by value centered cross-functional collaboration. This will increase your Marketing & Sales effectiveness and efficiency and raise the customer centricity of your entire organization. All leading to sustainable profitable growth.

All based on psychology and respect for your business culture

If you don’t place people’s ability and willingness to change at the center of your change activities, you will fail. This is why we look beyond numbers and graphs and why we don’t rely on so-called best practices: A cactus does not grow in the Arctic. And it doesn’t help the frog to understand how a cheetah can run 70 mph. Instead, our in-depth psychological background helps us to understand your people and their motivation as well as your unique business culture. Both key drivers for a successful change and to make things stick in your business and organization.

With our down-to-earth and hands-on people 

Finally, our people make the difference. All very experienced, but far away from bigheaded. You can expect down-to-earth people, honest, informal, approachable, pragmatic, practical and hands-on. We respect your people and their experience. And we team up with them to support cross-functional collaboration and to get things done to improve value creation and value capture. That’s why our customers perceive us as partners and not as consultants. And that’s why it’s fun for them to work with us on practical and sustainable solutions.

Get in touch!

If you want to know more about us and our services, contact us. We would be pleased to make your loops spin, to create additional value for you and your customers. And to make sure that you capture the value with your pricing.