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Boost your sales performance and increase your sales efficiency at the same time

24/7 sales trainings: Digital and anytimeAnywhere.

Training your sales force has never been as important as it is today.

Just think about all of the new challenges, Sales has to deal with, like digitalizing customer interactions, managing supply bottlenecks and selling remotely.

The job of your salespeople is changing dramatically. So why don’t we change the way we train them?

Instead of pulling them out of their business for days and spending on trainer fees and travel costs for another live training: Why don’t we train them just when they need it?

Anytime. Anywhere. With always up to date content, no matter whether it’s about selling techniques and tactics or new products.

All this is now possible with our customized, Digital Sales Academy!

See this video for a summary of the key features

Digital Sales Academy Features

Please, see the key features of our customized digital sales academies. 

Interactive content always up to date

All training modules are interactive and can comprise multimedia, incl. videos, audios, flipbooks, dialogue simulations, screencasts and many different forms of interactions and quizzes with a wide range of question types and detailed feedback to your answers.

Updating the content is super-easy, as all content is stored in the cloud with unlimited storage capacity.


Users can be awarded with points when they take courses and successfully pass tests. In addition you can provide them with badges for courses completed and / or points they collected. They can see their points and badges in the user portal and can “compete” with colleagues.

Certificates & rewards

On top of the points and badges mentioned above, you can grant customized certificates and tangible rewards for reaching the next competency level. Thereby your sales development becomes visible and tangible on a daily basis.

Mobile Learning

Your sales reps can learn anywhere, using their smartphone, tablets, laptops or desktops. All data is synchronized automatically. If they don’t have a proper Wi-Fi-connection, they can download content on their devices, e.g. when on a plane. In this case, all quiz results will be synchronized with the system, as soon as they are online again.

Micro Learning

Courses are designed in a way so that they can be easily digested. Bite-sized training pieces allow for easy learning on your tablet, laptop or smartphone, even if you only have 10 or 15 minutes free at the airport or train station.

Defined learning PATHS

You can specify which contents and courses should be taken in which order. Based on defined competency levels, you can specify the sequence of courses and the requirements for accessing the different courses. Based on these pre-defined learning paths your salespeople will be invited to their courses, which they access on an intuitive user portal.

Tests & quizzes

Quizzes and tests help to identify skill gaps, provide feedback on the learning progress and support the users’ engagement. Every training session is wrapped up with a quiz to help employees deepen and reinforce knowledge gained from the training.

By passing additional exams for each content block, your people will be awarded the next competency level for which they can collect points and badges and / or receive customized certificates and tangible rewards.


Customized and automated reports will provide feedback on your salespeople’s engagement, their learning progress and skills acquired.

In addition to content reports, people reports, and test reports, email notifications can keep you up to date, when your sales reps have completed a course or finished an exam.

Controlling the learning progress is a big advantage compared to traditional trainings, where this much harder to achieve.

The features in more detail

With our customized Digital Saled Academy you make sure that your salespeople acquire the competencies they need. Interactive sales training courses are available to your sales force 24/7, no matter where they are.

Thanks to customized reports you can monitor and control the engagement, progress and success of your sales reps.

And at the same time you will save training time and costs.

Based on your sales development objectives and desired sales competencies, we develop learning paths and all necessary digital, interactive self-learning modules and tests. The training courses and tests are available to your sales force on a cloud-based learning management platform.

Sales-reps can complete all courses and tests at their convenience on laptops, tablets and smartphones (iOS & Android), even offline. They receive certificates and rewards when they have reached the next competency level. To reach the next level they have to pass an online exam, which makes sure that all required knowledge and competencies have been acquired.

Thanks to customized reports on the sales reps’ engagement and their learning success, your sales leadership team can monitor their progress. Therefore, content reports, people reports, test reports, and email notifications will be made available according to your needs.

All this is available for a fair price, as you only pay for the customized content you need and the people to be trained.

And, of course, data security and compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) are guaranteed.

Our Digital Sales Academy Services

We design and manage your digital academy with all the content you need. At fair and reasonable prices which are below those for standard sales trainings off the shelf …


We digitalize any sales training content or supporting material your sales force needs. From basic and advanced selling skills to product trainings and many more …

Academy Design

We design and host the entire academy incl. competency levels, learning paths, content, certificates and rewards. And we do all the administration.

Data security

Data security and data protection are guaranteed. Your data is stored and processed on secure servers, located in Europe.


With our Digital Sales Academy costs are fully under your control. You only pay for the content you need and the people to be trained.

Get the best of both worlds and make your sales trainings hybrid

With our Digital Sales Academy you can also combine all the benefits of digital training and training management with the advantages of live training, coaching, and networking.

Design your Hybrid Sales Academy including

– Digital, interactive 24/7 self-learning courses, quizzes and tests

– Additional classroom trainings

– Remote and / or live sales coaching.

Our highly interactive, collaborative down-to-earth and business specific classroom sales trainings are highly valued and achieve top marks and outstanding feedback, even from seasoned sales reps and sales managers. Just like our sales coaching.

This is how you can build on our experience, when implementing true blended and hybrid learning.

If you want to know more about how to integrate our customized Digital Sales Academy within a Hybrid Sales Academy please get in touch with us. We would be pleased to help you designing and managing your hybrid sales academy.

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If you want to know more about us and our customized Digital and Hybrid Sales Academies, please contact us. We would be pleased to help you designing and managing your digital or hybrid sales academy.