The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator in Marketing & Sales

The perfect tool for supporting your people in Double Loop processes.

The MBTI® instrument provides an easy-to understand framework for improving self-awareness and appreciating diversity, which will lead to better internal collaboration and more success in your value centered customer interactions.

MBTI and Double Loop

Based on more than 1,000 MBTI applications in Marketing & Sales we have developed our Double Loop specific framework, which supports your internal collaboration and your success in negotiations and other customer interactions.

MBTI Background

The MBTI was developed in the 1930s by Katherine Briggs and her daughter Isabel Briggs Myers, based on the psychology of Carl Gustav Jung.

It is not a test, but an instrument to understand and appreciate personal behavioral preferences concerning perceiving and judging on four dimensions:

– Introversion vs. Extraversion
– Sensing vs. Intuition
– Thinking vs. Feeling
– Judging vs. Perceiving

It describes differences in a positive sense. There is no better or worse. Each type has its strengths and possible pitfalls.

Due to its high intercultural comparability, the application is used worldwide.


The first step is about understanding your own preferences.

An online questionnaire provides a first indication.

In a highly interactive and exciting workshop we then do a self-assessment of your own preferences and many execises for detecting the best fit type for your own preferences.

Furthermore we teach how to detect other people’s preferences and how to best interact with other people in negotiations and internal processes. 

The workshop is fun and broadens your perspective.

M&S Applications

With our MBTI licensed trainers we apply the MBTI for
– preparing negotiations,
– leading negotiations,
– supporting cross-functional alignment,
– team building and
– leadership.


People learn how to deal with different personalities.

Thereby, our MBTI applications support diversity and lead to more effective and efficient negotiations and customer interactions.

Furthermore it improves cross-functional collaboration and team work.

And it opens up even seasoned professionals to new ways of working. 

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