Digital Sales Academy – Content

We digitalize any sales training content or supporting material you need.

If you want to understand the look and feel of the digital training courses: For a review, we can easily provide you with a limited access to existing courses such as Active Listening, Asking Questions, Harvard Concept Principles, BATNA, Closing the Deal, Pricing & Profit, and exams on “Basic Negotiation Skills” or “Pricing & Profit”.

Other module examples are “The purchasers’ perspective in negotiations”, “Value Selling”, “Preparing negotiations”, “Remote & Hybrid Selling”, “Negotiation psychology”, “Succeeding in tough negotiations”, and many more.

All modules are visualized and interactive, including quizzes and other interactions to keep people engaged.

On top of these content modules, we can integrate product trainings, onboarding packages for new sales staff or specific announcements to your salesforce.

With all this content your digital sales academy can become your central hub for sales development and internal communication.