Invest where you can make or lose business and profits

Selling is easy when markets are short and your products are on allocation.

But under more difficult market conditions, the performance of your commercial teams will decide how your business will develop and how much money you will finally make.

Whatever the market situation is like: Investing into commercial training means investing into your future profits.

It is therefore key to support and train your commercial teams in providing, selling and capturing value. Make sure that they know how to develop insights-based selling strategies and account plans. Support them finding new leads and turning them into sales opportunities and profitable business.

Help them challenge their customers, discover selling opportunities, prepare and successfully lead online and offline sales pitches and customer interactions. Support them defending or increasing margins and profits in their remote and on-site price negotiations, even in the face of headwinds.

Equip them with everything they need to succeed and turn them into pros at Hybrid Selling.

Based on a sound alignment with all internal departments involved in value creation, our top class face-to-face, remote and fully digitalized training and coaching will boost the skill level of your commercial teams on all key commercial topics from customer insights and strategy to sales opportunities and closing profitable deals.

What Double Loop Sales and Commercial Training is all about

Unfortunately, many industrial companies still see expenses for sales enablement and training as costs instead of valuing them as investments into future profits.

As your sales force is your ‘choke point’ on your way from marketing concepts and pricing ideas to business and profits, not investing here may easily lead to missing sales opportunities and profits.

We support your sales force and commercial teams in ‘making it, instead of breaking it’ by training and coaching them in:

– Generating leads including Social Selling,

– Developing sound account plans and strategies,

– Preparing negotiations,

– Value Selling,

– Business acumen and pricing,

– Negotiations basics,

– Negotiation psychology incl. MBTI ® for sales negotiations,

– Succeeding in tough negotiations and managing stress

– Presentation techniques, 

– Remote and Hybrid Selling

and much more.

Always business specific. Both online and offline. And well aligned with your value creators in your internal departments.

No matter what the training method is: Our trainings are intense, exciting, practical, down-to-earth, highly interactive, engaging and fun. They always receive top class feedback.

With our trainings, the path between training and implementation in real life is very short, because business specific case studies and role plays make it easy to adapt the training content to real life scenarios.

We have experience in implementing trainings all over the world. All Double Loop trainers and consultants in Europe, Asia and the USA know what they are talking about, as they all have at least 15 years of experience in marketing and sales in the chemical and other process industries.  

We can deliver trainings and coaching with native speakers in English, German, French, Mandarin and other languages.

And we can also create and manage your Digital or Hybrid Sales Academy, so that your sales people can learn independent from time and location. Including  negotiation training, technical training, quizzes, games and much more.

This is what we call Double Loop Sales and Commercial Enablement.

Our customized Double Loop Sales and Commercial Training ensures your commercial teams are well equipped and well aligned for winning profitable deals and capturing value. Whatever markets are like.

Account planning & development

Most salespeople are not big fans of developing strategies and account plans.

However, account planning and account strategies are pivotal for customer centricity and profitability as they provide the roadmap for sustainably growing business and profit with your account.

In the Double Loop Key Account Management, account plans are a key tool for your account managers, because they support the internal alignment in your organization and they help to sell the account managers’ ideas internally, when done correctly.

With our training and coaching we help your account managers to develop sound strategies and account plans, utilizing key tools and methods such as insight generation, SWOT & TOWS, KPIs, voice of the customer, effort vs. impact matrices, margin analysis, business cases and ROI analysis, SMART targets, action planning etc.

Whilst all of these tools are important, the key focus is on the strategy and storyline and not on templates: from the account’s situation and challenges in their market to business potentials, investments and actions needed .

And we support your account managers in presenting and defending their strategies internally. This makes the unpopular task of account planning a very well accepted tool for internal alignment and selling your ideas internally.

Our training and coaching on account planning can be done on-site and / or remotely.

Basic Negotiation Trainings

In our business specific and practical Basic Negotiation trainings we cover topics such as Active Listening, Asking Questions, Harvard Concept, BATNA & Negotiation Power, and Closing the Deal.

Business specific, including business specific negotiation cases and role plays, application-oriented and hands-on.

Our Basic Negotiation trainings are available as a classroom training, remote trainings, and / or in fully digitalized self-learning courses and exams.

Whatever the training method is: All courses are great fun, engaging and interactive.

And all training have at least 15 years of business experience.

Pricing & Profit and Business Acumen

Too many salespeople have too little understanding of their real impact on their customer’s and their own P&L.

They for example don’t understand how to help their customer’s purchasers to reduce costs without reducing prices.

And they also don’t know how important pricing is for their own profit, often overestimating the profit impact of sales volumes and underestimating the impact of price increases. Many sales people also don’t have a deep understanding of the concept of contribution margins and the difference to gross margins. Many of them are still afraid of idle costs of capacity when trying to increase their prices, even though idle costs are completely irrelevant for your price decisions and do not impact your EBIT

And even more sales reps don’t understand the consequences of their decisions on the costs of capital and cash flow.

This is why we often train salespeople in business acumen and pricing. As your salespeople are taking price decisions, they should fully understand the impact on those decisions on their own profitability.

Our trainings on pricing and profit are available as a classroom training, remote trainings, and / or in fully digitalized self-learning courses and exams.

Better understanding the Purchaser, the unknown character

Do your salespeople still believe that reducing suppliers’ prices is the number one objective of a purchaser in a negotiation?

When dealing and negotiating with Purchasing, your salespeople should know better what purchasers really care about, how they manage their buying portfolio and what the position of your products is in their buying portfolio.  

Your sales reps should also be able to differentiate between real purchasers’ needs and their tactics. And they should know how to provide and sell real value to a purchaser.

We help your salespeople to put themselves into the purchaser’s shoes and to deal with buyers more professionally and profitably. And we are definitely not talking about Relationship Selling here.

Our trainings on the purchasers’ perspective are available as a classroom training, remote trainings, and / or in fully digitalized self-learning courses and exams.

Value Selling

If you cannot sell value, you sell price. And selling by price is the worst thing you can do if you want to increase your profit.

We help your sales force to sell the price instead of selling by price with our Value Selling method and tools, that comprise

  • value argumentation and quantification,
  • stakeholder mapping and tailoring your value arguments,
  • understanding your negotiation power, and
  • Value Selling psychology.

We have custom made Value Selling tools at your disposal, such as

  • Value Cards, that translate technical features of your specialty products and solutions into true customer value,
  • Value Reports to support your value argumentation,
  • Customized value calculators for quantifying the value provided to the customer,
  • Our Price Volume Dynamics Board to better understand the impact of price and/or sales volume changes on your profit
  • Our Price and Profit Lever Board, to calculate the impact on profit of different price, volume & cost scenarios and to develop a sound pricing strategy
  • MBTI ® applications for value-based price negotiations,

And many more.

Our cross-functional Value Selling trainings will include all functions involved in creating and capturing value with your services, products, and solutions. They help to design your business specific Value Selling toolbox and to prepare your salesforce for turning value into profit for your company.

Our Value Selling trainings are available as a classroom training, remote trainings, and / or in fully digitalized self-learning courses and exams.

Value Touchdown for preparing negotiations

Most negotiations fail due to poor preparation. This is why we have developed a dedicated methodology and training program for preparing for B2B negotiations.

It comprises the following steps:

  • customer analysis,
  • analysis of the competitive situation
  • strategy development
  • stakeholder mapping and the analysis of your customer’s decision-making process
  • defining and tailoring your value arguments
  • appreciating your negotiation power
  • preparing profitable concessions
  • negotiation tactics
  • and pricing psychology

…… all of which are important steps to develop a comprehensive negotiation choreography for the specific case.

Our trainings on preparing negotiations are available as a classroom training, remote trainings, and / or in fully digitalized self-learning courses and exams.

Negotiation Psychology and succeeding in tough negotiations

Negotiation is psychology and requires self-confidence and excellent communication skills. You have to be able to deal with different personalities and their sometimes mean tactics.

Our negotiation psychology training (together with a professional application of the MBTI ®) will help your salespeople improve their communication and selling skills. They learn how to adapt their communication and negotiation style when dealing with different personalities. By avoiding unnecessary misunderstandings and conflicts, this avoids frustration and saves a lot of energy and time.

In price negotiations you should in addition be aware of the hidden traps of price perception. Even more, you should know how to apply pricing psychology and behavioral pricing effects, like price anchoring, the decoy effect and many others.

And of course, body language is another critical factor you should be aware of.

Our negotiation psychology trainings will provide an exciting journey through price & negotiation psychology and will help to avoid costly mistakes in your price negotiations.

Finally, our trainings on succeeding in tough negotiations will help your salespeople to better understand and cope with stress and to better deal with tough negotiators, difficult people and mean negotiation tactics.

The negotiation psychology trainings are available as a classroom training, remote trainings, and / or in fully digitalized self-learning courses and exams.

Remote and Hybrid Selling

Covid and digitalization have revolutionalized B2B buying and selling. Customer journeys are becoming more and more digital. B2B decision makers now prefer remote human interactions or digital self-service. As the world of Sales is hybrid now, we have to be excellent in all ways of selling: in-person, remotely and through digital tools and  interactions. Your commercial teams have to actively embrace and manage these changes and to see them as a great opportunity for boosting sales efficiency.

In order to support the change to Omnichannel and Hybrid Selling, we train your commercial teams in Remote and Hybrid Selling. We prepare them for straight-to-the-point and hyper rational remote customer meetings and negotiations, including topics like professionally using meeting technology (audio, video, camera, and venue) and online interaction tools (like video conferences and online whiteboards), creating trust remotely, online presentation skills, managing conflicts in remote interactions, preparing online negotiations and remote Value Selling pitches and much more. 

And we help you to redesign and digitalize your customer journeys including all their online and offline touchpoints from exploring potential sources of supply to buying, sourcing and rebuying. 

Our training on Remote & Hybrid Selling trainings are available as a classroom training, remote trainings, and / or in fully digitalized self-learning courses and exams.

Social Selling

Social media has become an indispensable part of today’s and tomorrow’s customer journeys. Using relevant social media platforms to build and maintain relationships with potential and existing customers is key for generating and qualifying leads and maintaining customer relationships.

We train your commercial teams in using LinkedIn, Sales Navigator and other digital tools to build a network of relevant B2B connections and to engage with potential customers.

Our trainings on Social Selling are available as a classroom training, remote trainings, and / or in fully digitalized self-learning courses and exams.

Selling Sustainability

Sustainability has become a central driver for many B2B companies. It offers huge potentials for value creation and differentiation.

Selling sustainability solutions to customers and making money with it however needs to be learned in industries where “too expensive” has been a killer argument against sustainability for decades.

In our training on selling sustainability your salesforce will learn how to do Value Selling and Solution Selling for your sustainability solutions. Thereby we help your Marketing & Sales people to differentiate and make money through successfully selling sustainability. with it.

Our trainings on Selling Sustainability are available as a classroom training, remote trainings, and / or in fully digitalized self-learning courses and exams.

Sales Leadership Training

We support your sales leaders by customized sales leadership training, covering topics such as sales leadership and communication, team management and motivation as well as performance management. Our sales leadership trainings are usually based on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI ®), which offers a great support for leadership, team development and selling.

Our sales leadership trainings are available as a classroom training, remote trainings, and / or in fully digitalized self-learning courses and exams.

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