Double Loop Sales Hunting

Revitalize the hunting spirit of your sales force

Growing your business organically requires your sales force’s hunting spirit, just as your body needs oxygen to survive. Unfortunately many sales forces lose sight of hunting for additional sales opportunities, because ERP and CRM systems seem to force them into concentrating on their existing customers and businesses.

Our hunting programs and tools support cross selling and the hunt for additional business with new or lost customers. And you will make sure, that your sales force is well prepared for their hunt to support your top line growth.

What Double Loop Sales Hunting is all about

For many years ERP and CRM systems have changed the world of sales substantially. They enable sales forces to manage their customer relationships more and more efficiently. However, these systems unintentionally have forced sales representatives to focus their actions too much on existing customers. They unlearnt how to hunt. Particularly outside their known territory.

This might threaten your top line growth, especially in exceptional situations such as the COVID-19 aftermath.

With our Double Loop Sales Hunting, we enable your sales force to hunt for growth opportunities. Not least to survive hard times.

Our tailor-made hunting programs and tools make sure, that you take something home from your prey. They comprise sales training, methods and tools for:

– Identifying potential target customers,

– Detecting pricing and cross-selling potential at current accounts,

– Regaining lost accounts,

– Preparing value based sales pitches,

– Managing your sales pipeline and opportunity management,

– Getting better aligned with your distributors and

– Improving the collaboration with colleagues from your internal departments.

This is how our Double Loop Hunting programs support your top line growth.

Our Double Loop Hunting programs and tools help your sales force to grow your topline by preparing them for their hunt for new business opportunities. From cross-selling to winning new accounts.

Spotting the right target customers

Finding new customers and regaining lost accounts is perhaps the most neglected hunting ground, as many sales forces for a long time have almost exclusively focused on their existing accounts. And it has become common practice to hand on smaller customers to distributors.

But when trying to grow your topline you should think about previously lost customers that could be won back. And where new customers could be that you haven’t served so far.

For these customers it will be crucial to find the right entrance door and to define a good access strategy: Which points of contact do we have with that potential customer? What can I use as a hook? Who in my network can facilitate or support my access to a new customer? What should our storyline be and how can we bring value to this specific account?

We can support your scouting efforts and help your sales reps to define their access strategy and story. Because it may well be, that you just have one shot to score.

Detecting growth potential at your current accounts

Cross-selling, upselling and untapped pricing potential can offer huge growth opportunities.

But unfortunately, too many sales people simply stick to what they know, take too many things for granted and forget to explore what they don’t know. And this is where you can find your prey.

We can support you with hunting tools, like our White Spot Matrix, which helps detect cross selling potentials. Price scatter plots can in addition offer an easy way of finding hidden pricing opportunities.

It’s not rocket science, but it takes patience, persistence, hunting spirit and arming with the right tools.

Prepare your value based hunt

After the target has been spotted, you must prepare your hunt well and organize your equipment, ammunition and provisions.

If you don’t want to gain business via price, you need good value arguments as ammunition. Because if you sell by price instead of selling value, your shot may quickly backfire.

Our Double Loop Value Selling tools and methods help you to avoid selling by price. And for making sure that you don’t miss important pieces in your preparation phase, we recommend our Value Touchdown methodology to thoroughly prepare for negotiations.

Manage your sales pipeline: Always have a bullet in your gun barrel

There is more to a concerted hunt than just putting a rifle in the hand of anyone who can walk and let them start hunting.

It’s about using resources efficiently and tracking the prey consistently. This is where strict and pro-active opportunity management in your sales pipeline is needed, preferably CRM-supported and transparent.

Sales tools can help to increase efficiency and to have everything in the right place for when you want to fire the shot.

And as hunting takes time, you should reduce the amount of internal meetings and internal administrative activities as much as possible during the hunting season.

We help you to use the available resources in a targeted and efficient way and to make sure that your shot hits the target.

Rethink your hunting grounds

A comprehensive hunt will raise the question of hunting grounds and licenses, because after all, you are not alone on the prowl. Distributors and agents also hunt for you. Hopefully.

Should you miss the necessary hunting spirit and/or the right equipment here, you should consider redefining the hunting grounds and redesigning your channels to market.

Digitalization will force you into that, anyway.

Our distributor checklist and role optimizer will help you to systematically review your network of distributors and to decide who should have what kind of role in value creation for the end customer.

We help you to decide with whom you should collaborate more strategically and where you are better off with a more transactional relationship.

And we support you in steering your hunt, based on good and consistent monitoring.

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