Price Volume Dynamics Board

Do your break-even-anaylsis with our Price Volume Dynamics Board.
It will save you margins and profits in your negotiations. Quick and easy.

How much less can I sell after a price increase without losing any profit? When decreasing my price: How much more do I have to sell to retain my profits? With the Price Volume Dynamics Board you will answer these questions in seconds.

You simply key in your current contribution margin (here 25%) and the intended price change in % (here -5%). You immediately see your break-even volume change. In this example you have to sell 25% more volume to retain profit.

As an alternative you can also key in your assumed volume change to determine your break-even-price.


The price of the tool depends on the number of licenses you need. And whether you want it in your own layout and branding or not.

Prices range from

– 78 € per license, if you buy 100 or more licenses

– to 400 € per license, if you just buy one.

+ adaptation to your branding and corporate identity if needed

+ Introduction workshop, if needed