As Double Loop – FKA team steffenhagen consulting – we will then help you to reshape your
– value creation,
– value communication,
– value selling and
– value capture through pricing

to make it fit to the needs and opportunities of a digitalizing post COVID-19 world.

Our Double Loop coaching, training and consultancy services support you in areas, like:
– Double Loop Key Account Management
– Double Loop Value Selling
– Double Loop Pricing
– Double Loop Sales Enablement (digital and F2F)
– Double Loop Sales Hunting
– Double Loop Marketing Excellence
– Double Loop Cultural Diagnostics
– Double Loop Organizational Change

And a few things more.

All based on Marketing & Sales and pricing excellence, business culture and psychology.

A completely new offering will be the creation and management of digital sales enablement platforms: Independent from time and location, your sales people will find everything they need to learn and prepare for their customer interactions and other sales tasks online.

You will find more details on all that on this new homepage.

Take a tour. And get in touch with us.


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