On October 1st we launched our first digital sales academy for a US based chemical company. Their sales staff can now learn and develop regardless of time and place: The training modules are always up to date and available 24/7. Without a trainer and anywhere.

We first launched modules on basic negotiation skills, like “Active Listening”, “Asking Questions”, “The Harvard Concept Principles”, “BATNA”, and “Closing the Deal”.

On a quarterly basis, additional tpoics will be added, such as “Pricing & Profit”, “Value Selling” or “Preparing Negotiations” and many more.

Micro learning, mobile learning and gamification support a digitalized and interactive training experience.

Exams at the end of each section make sure that the sales force develops as intended. Customized reports provide feedback on engagement and learning success.

We are curious to see how the digital academy will be received. And we are already excited about launching the next modules.


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