After an exciting and – after many changes – also successful year 2021, we are now looking forward to another great and inspiring year with our customers, partners and friends. Hopefully with more solidarity and love than Covid and division…

As every year, also 2021/2022 we sticked to our tradition of supporting good causes instead of sending out postal Christmas greetings.

As always, we invited our customers, friends and partners to impact the amount of our donation with a simple click.

This time we have provided you with two options, which will be accessible until the end of this week:

  • Please click here for a donation to the German Childrens’ Cancer Aid Foundation (Stiftung Deutsche KinderKrebshilfe)
  • Please click here for a donation to UNICEF/COVAX (provides Covid vaccines to developing countries worldwide)

Double Loop will donate 2 Euros per person and click to your chosen cause and you will be forwarded to your Christmas greetings.

Have a great start into 2022 and let’s stay optimistic!

Because as an optimist, you at least had a good time, even if you end up being wrong. And what good does it do the pessimist to be right in the end, but having had a bad time until then?


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