Do what we did: Donate for Ukraine!

We are still shocked and disgusted about what Putin started in the Ukraine 3 weeks ago. And we admire the brave Ukrainian people for their fight for freedom and democracy.

We have donated a significant sum here to support the brave Ukrainian people:

Aktionsbündnis Katastrophenhilfe
Spendenkonto: Commerzbank
IBAN: DE65 100 400 600 100 400 600
Stichwort: ZDF Nothilfe Ukraine

We are small. So, of course we cannot afford to donate as much as for example BASF, one of our customers, who donated 1 Mio €! J

However, compared to our sales, we actually donated 111 times more than that.

Do the same!

And we also donated here for the Ukrainian military:

And here are other ways of supporting the Ukraine:
–     Welcome refugees from the Ukraine
–     Send Humanitarian Supplies
–     Join a protest in your city
–     Host Ukrainians and Help Locally
–     Help discover UA web vulnerabilities
–     Hire Ukrainians
–     Post in social media
–     Influence Authorities Directly
–     Sign petitions

See here for more details:

Donate for Ukraine!



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