An exciting, eventful and fortunately successful year for us is coming to an end. 

Many sales development tasks, pricing projects, Double Loop KAM initiatives, marketing & sales trainings (again live in the classroom as well as remote and fully digitalized with our new customized Digital Sales Academies for our customers in the chemical and process industry) and a lot more. All with both our wonderful long-standing customers and some new customers. What more could you want?

So it’s time to say thank you: To all our great customers who take us and appreciate us as we are and who have provided us with exciting missions and projects also this year. To all our dudes and dudettes, with whom it was again a lot of fun to make our clients happy. And to all our friends, supporters and partners, with whom we had a good and inspiring exchange away from the projects again this year.

With all the good things that have happened to us, we do not want to and will not forget the suffering that far too many people in too many corners of the world have to endure again this year. 

In addition to our now classic Christmas support of the Children’s Cancer Aid, we will therefore again donate to Ukraine in 2023 to further support these incredibly brave people in their resistance against Putin’s war of aggression, which can be justified with nothing. 

We wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a good start into a hopefully healthy, happy, peaceful and successful New Year.

We are looking forward to seeing you again in 2023!

Your Double Loop team


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