We announced that we will start 2023 with two new dudes: Peter and Achim. And we promised you more details. So, here we go:
Let us first introduce Peter do you:
Peter Kuntz has 30 years of experience in management positions such as supply chain, sales and global key accounts in the chemical industry.
After having been a Double Loop customer for a long time in his more than 20 years at BASF and after finishing his corporate career at Sun Chemical he is now ready for new adventures as a Double Loop dude.
Peter strongly believes in Matt Dixon’s Challenger Customer/ Challenger Sales concept: “Instead of sending me someone to ask me to explain my business – why not send me someone who can tell me something new about my business?”.
And he is convinced that there is a constant need to train in Marketing & Sales, because it’s not enough to train twice a year if you have to win the game every week!
Peter is a certified and experienced sales trainer and coach and he also is an innovation award winner for designing, developing and implementing an online learning platform for soft skills and product knowledge training.
In his personal life, he is a husband, father and grandfather, motorcyclist, chess player, and thrilled by his grandchildren’s joy of constantly learning and trying new things.
We gladly welcome Peter to our Double Loop family. And we are really looking forward to many joint Double Loop missions!
But hold on: You may ask yourself, why do these Double Loopers call themselves DUDES?
Well, in Easy Rider, Wyatt (portrayed by Peter Fonda) explains to his cellmate (portrayed by Jack Nicholson) the definition of “dude”: “Dude means nice guy; Dude means regular sort of person.”
And that is exactly how we collaborate at eye-level with our customers: As characters with sometimes rough edges, but always honest, approachable and informal, down-to-earth, hands-on, pragmatic, practical and in strong, long-lasting partnerships.
We go beyond numbers and make things work with your people. And as business is people and people should have fun, it also should be fun working with us.


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