As you may have already noticed, we announced that we will start 2023 with two new dudes: Peter and Achim.

Peter you know already.

So, how about Achim?

First thing to mention is, that actually Achim is not Achim. Achim is Joachim, but most people call him Achim:

Achim Ziska.

Second thing to mention is that Achim meanwhile has grown a Dude-like beard, that makes him look even wiser.

Achim also changed from being a loyal Double Loop client to becoming a Pricing and Business Development Dude for Double Loop in December 2022 when he already joined his first Double Loop pricing mission with Ralf and Steve in Indonesia.

Achim offers three decades of expertise from various pricing and business development roles (incl. Head of Pricing and Product Management, SVP Business Development, and SVP of a business line, Innovation and Commercialization) in multinational B2B Nutrition Ingredients and Chemical companies, incl. BASF, Doehler Group, and Tate & Lyle.

He was based in Hong Kong, London and Singapore to develop and grow businesses regionally and worldwide. His core expertise is in Product Management, Pricing, M&A Integration and Sales Excellence with focus on Human and Animal Nutrition markets.

And he really is passionate about “selling the price instead of selling by price”.

In his private life he is happily married and has two amazing grown up kids who give him lots of food for thought.

And he loves running, hiking and intercultural experiences.

We are mor than happy to welcome Achim to our Double Loop gang. And we are sure that we will have a lot of fun on our Pricing and Marketing & Sales missions in the chemical and human and animal nutrition industry. As we already had last December in Indonesia.

We are looking forward to more.

Cheers, Achim


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